Development of New Alimos Marina – Voluntary beach cleanup

20.03.2024 | Sustainability, Updates

The Development of New Alimos Marina, member of ELLAKTOR Group, within the framework of the Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility program “Whole living” as well as the preparations for the application of the “Blue Flag 2024,” proceeded with the cleanup of Bikini Beach in Alimos on Sunday, March 10th, with the participation of dozens of volunteers, employees of the Alimos Marina with their families, as well as residents of the wider area.

The organizers warmly thanked the dozens of volunteers who dedicated their time and effort to clean up the beach and remove plastic and other types of waste.

The action, which was carried out in collaboration with the Municipality of Alimos and the non-profit organization We4All, aimed to involve and educate individuals, and particularly the younger generation, on the significance of environmental responsibility and the preservation of coastal ecosystems against plastic pollution which is considered a growing threat to human health and the planet.

As Evangelos Vlachos, Manager of the Development of New Alimos Marina, stated: “Coastal pollution concerns us all. As does the care and protection of the environment. We are incredibly grateful to everyone who joined us today, and we are committed to continue with similar initiatives in the future.”