The “Blue Flag” Certification, an internationally renowned symbol of sea-water quality in more that 50 countries nowadays (an ever-increasing number), is awarded under strict criteria to organised beaches and marinas worldwide managed either by sea-coast municipalities or touristic enterprises. It is the best recognizable and worldwide spread symbol of the sea-waters quality. This essential condition is marked as ‘Excellent’ alongside certain additional criteria such as the clearness, organisation, information, safety of bathers and visitors, respect and protection of the nature around the coast and environmental awareness.


  • You must dispose safely in the designated areas of the marina any harmful and toxic litter (batteries, paint, chemicals etc.)
  • Please maintain the marina area clean. use the designated bins/containers for your litter, preferably in plastic bags safely tightened. Please use the special recycling bins for all recyclable litter
  • Please respect the sensitive natural areas and avoid sailing to those areas. any deterioration and/or damage of the surrounding natural areas (tree and bush cutting, infliction of wounds or death or capturing of wild animals etc. ) is strictly not allowed and should be reported to the authorities if noticed.
  • Please use all facilities and tools for boat washing and boat repair according to the instructions of the marina
  • Do not litter the sea water by disposing in it boat sewage, foodstuffs, paper and trash
  • All natural vegetation (trees, bushes) must be maintained as is and intact
  • All cars whether private or of public use are not allowed to park on the docks or in any close proximity to the boats

Protecting the environment is our responsibility

Careful management of this essential global resource is a key feature of a sustainable future


May 10 2024

First Aid Training at Alimos Marina

First Aid Training was recently completed as part of the annual Health & Safety training program at Alimos Marina.

May 01 2024

SDGs Coffee Break

At the “Development of New Alimos Marina”, member of ELLAKTOR Group, we have embraced the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as an integral part of our business strategy and corporate culture, whilst to further raise awareness among our employees and endorse their adoption we run the “SDGs Coffee Break” program, in collaboration with Wise Greece.

Mar 20 2024

Development of New Alimos Marina – Voluntary beach cleanup

The Development of New Alimos Marina, member of ELLAKTOR Group, within the framework of the Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility program “Whole living” as well as the preparations for the application of the “Blue Flag 2024,” proceeded with the cleanup of Bikini Beach in Alimos on Sunday, March 10th…

Jan 09 2024

Ensuring High Quality According to International Standards

The Development of the New Alimos Marina  announces the acquisition of ISO certifications from TUV NORD CERT GmbH, indicating its primary priority as responsibility and respect towards the environment as well as towards society.

We inform you that in Alimos Marina, the delivery of solid hazardous waste is separated from the non-hazardous waste – and therefore by type of hazardous solid waste – as follows:

Oily Rags
(EW Code 15 02 02*)

Paint and Thinner residues
(EW Code 08 01 11*)

Packaging polluted from paint residues
(EW Code 15 01 10*)

Oily Filters residues
(EW Code 16 01 07*)

Oily sludge sediments
(EW Code 16 07 08*)